Running Your Business
Shouldn't be this Hard

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be

As businesses grow, leaders need insight and information to make good decisions, but pretty soon you find yourself spending more time dealing with financial details than leading the business.

Or worse yet, you let the financials slide (“it’s good enough” right?), and end up making costly decisions on bad information. If you could afford an experienced, full-time CFO that would be great, but you don’t need that.

That’s where Lucrum comes in. Part-time, or “fractional” CFO’s with decades of business leadership experience who are available when you need them.

Bad Information

costs you a fortune when it comes to

Business Strategy · Purchasing · Hiring & Payroll · Cost Management · Profitability Study · Insurance
Job Costing · Estimating · Pricing

Do You Have An Action Plan For Growing Your Business?

"As a small business owner, Lucrum Consulting has helped fill a gap between our internal bookkeeping and our accountants and overseen our records so they are clean, accurate and up to date when we need to submit for year-end tax accounting. We created custom statements that give me, a non-financial person, a clear, simple picture of specific assets. The fees are reasonable and a good value for what we get in return. I feel my books are in very good shape having Lucrum involved."
Judd McAdams
RED Partners, LLC

Leading Confidently

means having a plan

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