Lucrum Advantage

Business owners typically spend too much time working IN their business, not ON it. Unfortunately, often the financial and quantitative analysis is what gets left to chance or ignored completely. Using Lucrum Consulting, Inc for these important duties allows our clients to spend their time doing what they do best.

The value we deliver is 5 key points:

  1. Ability to focus 100% of your efforts on current business or new opportunities.
  2. Improved cash flow, assistance with staffing needs, education, and reduced costs.
  3. Accurate risk assessments, analysis of growth opportunities, and advice on areas for efficiency improvements.
  4. Improved managerial effectiveness.
  5. A dedicated financial executive without the full time salary or benefits.

Think of Lucrum Consulting as a personal trainer for your business finances.

What to Expect

Every client has the same question- “what can I expect from hiring Lucrum Consulting, Inc?” We create a unique solution to your needs to fit within your organization and budget.  Please visit the Timeline FAQ for more information on what to expect and how our clients benefit.

  • Consistently accurate reconciliation and bookkeeping service.
  • Increased focus on your business, less on paperwork and accounting.
  • Better understanding of your company’s performance.
  • Cost reductions & more efficient use of resources.
  • Custom reports for management & staff use.
  • Accounting systems that fit the flow of information, not vice versa.
  • Improved or simplified processes.
  • A focus on cash flow, not profit, assets, or appraised values.
  • Regular meetings to review current performance and future growth plans

Compare a Lucrum Consulting engagement to restoring a car- the body might look great, but the key details are under the hood. We make sure the engine and transmission work so you can actually use the car. Just like a car that can’t be driven, what good is information if it isn’t understandable, accurate and timely? We can restore your business’s financial engine like new!