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When we called Lucrum Consulting, our bookkeeper was overwhelmed and our tax preparer wasn’t able to give him the support we needed. We also had systems that weren’t talking to each other causing extra work and redundant data entry. Lucrum came in and immediately got our books in shape and at the same time got our job costing system talking to our accounting system. They also helped train a new hire in the accounting department, set us up with a forecast, and met with our bankers to work through some negotiations. Jeff and Joe did a great job and we were amazed at how much impact they had in such a short time.

We would certainly recommend them to growing companies that want to maximize their financial leverage and strive for a more predictable accounting forecast.

Matt Ewers
Grandfather Homes, Inc.

As a small business owner, Lucrum Consulting has helped fill a gap between our internal bookkeeping and our accountants and overseen our records so they are clean, accurate and up to date when we need to submit for year-end tax accounting. We created custom statements that give me, a non-financial person, a clear, simple picture of specific assets. The fees are reasonable and a good value for what we get in return. I feel my books are in very good shape having Lucrum involved.

Judd McAdams
RED Partners, LLC

Jeff served as our fulltime CFO for 4+ years before he decided to start Lucrum Consulting in 2009 and gladly signed up to be his first clients. Whether as an employee or a consultant or partner, Jeff has always provided us with a consistent level of service. The accuracy of our financial reporting and the confidence we have in his abilities and integrity allow us to focus all our efforts on operating the company. Lucrum Consulting is and has always been a great value to our operation.

Christopher M. Granelli, President
Altura Development Group, LTD.

I have worked with Jeff Heybruck for several years at the Mulvaney Group. Jeff is a knowledgeable, hardworking accountant who not only has competent ability in the preparation of company financial reports, but also in the meaning and implication of those numbers. He quickly became a vital partner in our strategy sessions and developed into a tremendous contributor to the overall corporate staff. I would recommend Lucrum Consulting’s services to any company looking for improvement. He will contribute to the knowledge level, integrity, and to the business plan of any corporation in a positive way. He is a great employee and helps all other employees be better at their jobs by providing meaningful and easy to understand financial data.

Michael J. Mulvaney, Chairman
The Mulvaney Group, LTD

Jeff is very detailed-oriented with a practical approach. He never forgets the importance of the overall business.

Kevin Robbins
A&K Painting, Inc.

Lucrum Consulting has been my part-time CFO since mid-2011. Previously I was spending an enormous amount of hours a week dealing with financial related matters and had no one I trusted to understand my business. In a few short months Lucrum made us more efficient, provided me with custom reports that I could actually understand and development actual metrics for my business – that could be used to make real business decisions. This freed up lots of time for me to run my business instead of my business running me. I am still engaged with Lucrum for every major decision, from compensation to equipment purchases; bonus plans to vendor selection. I will continue to refer anyone I can to Jeff Heybruck and his team at Lucrum Consulting.

Robert Miller
RAM Pavement Services Inc.

I have been working in the homebuilding industry in a variety of positions for over 12 years. Now that I’m with a local builder I’m getting to experience other areas of the business, including accounting. Lucrum and specifically Debbi are fantastic. She is very detailed and helps us ensure we are doing everything correctly. I highly recommend Debbi, Jeff, and the rest of the Lucrum team!

Tim Pratt
Copper Builders, Inc.

Jeff and now Lucrum Consulting have been in charge of my accounting department since 2004. I couldn’t be more pleased with the value I receive and the peace of mind I have knowing I have an expert handling the finances for my real estate brokerage company and rental properties. Jeff’s team really knows their stuff and Lucrum is one of my trusted business advisors.

John F. Kelly, President
John Kelly Realty, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff on a number of business engagements and he is truly an individual who gets it. He knows how to get the job done efficiently, accurately and timely. I have no hesitation in referring clients to Lucrum Consulting as I know they will walk away with the same satisfaction and appreciation for their hard work and professional skill.

Chris Salisbury
Smith & Salisbury, PLLC

It’s a pleasure doing business with the Lucrum Consulting team. My practice has been working with them for several years now and they have consistently exceeded my expectations. We have a relatively small accounting need but Lucrum makes us feel just as important as their larger clients. The way Jeff manages his business (and mine) is exemplary and I can’t recommend them enough. Our main contact is Debbi. She is extremely organized, very responsive, always helpful and an all-around delight. I’m glad I made the change from my previous bookkeeping service and look forward to many more productive years as a Lucrum Consulting client.

Val Pierre Vallat, MD
University Dermatology

Our initial impression of Lucrum Consulting was that we were too small; we couldn’t have been more wrong. They put together a package that has grown with our business and as we grew, we were able to use them for more services. It’s amazing the difference some “simple” changes made; we can make informed decisions and it’s taken a lot of the wondering or mystery out of our business performance. It’s a great fit and we’re glad we formed a relationship with a firm we could grow into, not out of. If good information, improved cash flow, and efficient use of your time are important- call Jeff and his team.

Trish Saemann
GoBeyond SEO, LLC

As we grew, it became clear we needed a professional consultant to improve our accounting practices. Once Lucrum came in and spent some time evaluating our process, we were able to implement changes that positively impacted our business and allowed us to grow with confidence. Lucrum Consulting helped us figure out what we really needed, not what we thought we needed. Their solution had a positive impact on our operations. Jeff and his team were the answers to our problems.

Eric Bass, Attorney at Law
Bass, Dunklin, McCullough & Smith, PLLC

After 30 years in business you develop a knack for recognizing team players and quality individuals – I knew after the first week that I had both attributes in Debbie. She was not only pleasant for our office staff to work with , she took a genuine interest in our business. Finding a service like the one Lucrum has provided has been one of the highlights of these past couple of years. There are several services that can provide an  accounting and bookkeeping service – but none that can bring the caliber of people like Jeff and Debbie to the table. They add value way beyond the fee they charge.

Jeff Rogers
Carolina Floors

Arborscapes had grown substantially but our accounting department processes remained the same. Lucrum had reached out to us a year before but we didn’t think we needed a CFO, even a part-time one. But soon it was clear that we needed higher-level advice. Lucrum gave us the initiative to bring our accounting practices up to the same standards we have for our customers. Thanks to Lucrum, we now have accurate interim financials, forecasts through year-end and analyze the cost/benefit of every decision. We couldn’t imagine running the company the way we did before Lucrum Consulting. If good information, improved cash flow, and efficient use of your time are important – call Lucrum.

Nathan Morrison, Partner/Vice-President

We hired Lucrum Consulting after realizing our current Controller was overwhelmed. In less than a year, Lucrum restructured our accounting processes to match our corporate organization chart, researched and implemented a new accounting and dispatch program, evaluated a potential real estate acquisition, as well as assisted with the purchase of another HVAC company. Lucrum showed us how essential the CFO role is, and we now have a full-time employee in that position. I enthusiastically recommend Jeff and his team.


Clay C. Phillips, CEO/President
Ross & Witmer

Greenview Landscaping was one of Lucrum Consulting first clients, starting in late 2009. We felt there were weaknesses in our policies and procedures for accounting. Jeff and his team implemented new policies, helped reduce overhead, cleaned up our books and helped us get back on the right track for operating a small business. I can’t imagine managing the company without Lucrum’s help.

Chip Sella, President
Greenview Landscaping Inc.

Lucrum Consulting was an interim CFO for Charlotte Van & Storage and helped bridge the gap between former and current accounting staff. The company is an asset to any customer — whether for a short term assignment, quarterly basis, or long term alliance.

Kris Michalsky, Operations Manager
Charlotte Van & Storage Inc.

I hired Lucrum Consulting to help me get my accounting back in order as well as teach me how to maintain my records. Jeff and his firm have provided me an excellent service with integrity and trust, throughout. I am 100% satisfied with his service and it was given at a very reasonable rate. I would recommend Jeff and Lucrum Consulting to any of my family members and friends. Thanks Jeff!!

Chris Taylor, President
Paul Davis Emergency Services

Lucrum Consulting is awesome! If any of my business owner friends out there need someone who can whip your financials into shape it is Lucrum. Jeff is the best!! Give him a call.

Teresa Brigham, Treasurer
EntoGenetics, Inc.

I recommend Lucrum Consulting for anyone trying to figure out their way through the business world. Jeff and his team are fantastic at providing all angles of which to look at regardless of any business entity you may be in. Easy to converse with and extremely knowledgeable. Grateful to have the time to spend with them.

Michael Vergili, Vice President

Lucrum Consulting provides a higher level review of our financials. We are a small sized business and Lucrum is a team of dedicated financial executives that can handle any of our accounting & finance department needs without having to incur a full time salary position. This saves us a lot of money.

Sahria Weast, Director of Sales
AFH Sod Farm

After using Lucrum for the past 4 months, I can’t imagine going back to the old way. I knew my business was profitable but there was always some stress since I wasn’t getting accurate and timely financials I could understand. I also was spending too much time on accounting work. Lucrum, specifically Stephanie, fixed all of that and I have a much better understanding of my business, less stress, and can use my time to grow my business or spend time with my family. I trust Lucrum and you should too.

Dan Berei
Combat Flags

Lucrum Consulting is ideal for small and medium-sized companies that require financial expertise, but do not have either the budget or need for a full-time CFO. His knowledge and experience as a financial executive in a diverse range of industries allows his firm to add immediate value to any organization. At Salsarita’s we used Lucrum’s services and were extremely impressed with their ability to analyze financial statements, gather and interpret data, and then communicate results and recommendations to our management team. I highly recommend Lucrum Consulting to any company that needs assistance developing intelligent business plans, increasing efficiency, stimulating profitability, and instilling a culture of success.

Joseph DeTraglia
Salsaritas, Inc.

I became acquainted with Jeff while we was CFO of Mulvaney Properties and discovered he had knowledge of a specialized accounting rules for timberland. I hired Lucrum Consulting in the summer of 2009 to assist with the acquisition, accounting, and optimization of tax benefits for my timber investments. Lucrum was vital in creating an accounting system, explaining tax treatment, and understanding the IRS rules on timber investments. I’ve found them to be honest, hard-working and very knowledgeable. Lucrum Consulting is an important part of my team of financial advisors.

George J. Sella, Jr., President
Sella Development, LLC

Lucrum Consulting provides a quality of accounting services that’s good enough for a major corporation while managing to keep it affordable to a small business. Highly recommended!

Alexander Macris, President
Autarch, LLC

Lucrum has been a great resource for my business and helping me identify short term and long term goals for my company. Jeff and his team are responsive to my needs and have given me great advice about how to manage and grow my business.

Trent Morrow
L&B Counseling, PLLC
Stephanie is great!  She has been helping us with our books for six months now, and we are very happy.  The home office commented that our financials are more accurate and that they have a better understanding of our profitability – thanks in part to Lucrum.  Lucrum also has helped me with several projects that were outside of Stephanie’s normal duties.  It is nice to have that relationship to leverage when needed.


Steve Green, CEO