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April 2017

We’re excited to share another story this month about one of our clients: Costner Law Office. We’re sure many companies can identify with Josh Costner’s need to manage growth while maintaining quality and profitability. And to continue our profitability theme for 2017, we take a look at payment policies that make a difference in cash flow and reduce the opportunity for fraud.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from reading this month’s articles. If you have questions about how you can apply them to your business, give us a call.


Managing Growth and Maintaining Balance

Costner Law is one of Charlotte Business Journal’s Fast 50 (for five years) and also on the Inc. 5000 list. With the challenges of rapid growth and a cyclical business, a few financial tools brought clarity to managing success.

Payment Policies that Keep Companies in the Black

Policies about getting paid may be written or unwritten, and taking a few minutes to consider how existing policies actually work can expedite cash flow. Also learn how to prevent money from disappearing due to fraud.