Lucrum Advantage

Lucrum Consulting works with businesses and accounting teams. Whether the need is basic bookkeeping assistance, accounting services or in-depth revenue projections and financial resource management, we offer expert and comprehensive assistance every step of the way.

  • Custom sized solution- Each client receives the services they need based on their size, operation, and situation. As a client’s scope changes, our services change as well.
  • Your other professional advisors are part of the process, too! - Unlike other consultants who seem to come in with the “fire all of your advisors and hire mine,” we enjoy making new relationships. When they see how good of a job we do they refer us to their clients!
  • Focus on financial education – reports tell a story but only if you know what you are reading.  We spend the time to review with our clients what the numbers represent so they can make smarter decisions
  • Accounting done differently- Lucrum Consulting focuses on planning, budgeting, and forecasting to help our clients know where they are going. Typically accountants just tell you where you’ve been!
  • Breadth of experience- Our experienced staff has the background and education to provide a solution and can draw on that experience to ensure we get it right.
  • Not historians- Yes, we do make sure your financial records are accurate. But beyond that, we create a full financial process for our clients to focus on future growth and better information.